Simple Oil Change Steals Time But How

Simple Oil Change Steals Time

Simple Oil Change Steals Time

This morning I had a scheduled car service appointment. And when I arrived, you know the
Service Adviser: Is an oil change all you need today?
Me: Yes sir, but is my oil change still covered under my maintenance service plan?
Service Adviser: No sir, it expired Oct. 2017 or 95k miles, whichever one comes first.
Well isn’t that a kick in the pants.
Either way it had to be done but I was prepared..
Had a coupon that knocked down one of the life bloods of a car – oil change $45 to $24.95
Now I have like 30 mins to kill so I thought I do some work (like my on-line biz).
You see when people say they do not have time to work on their business, they actually do.
You just have to take advantage of the time you do have.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

*Sleep 8 hours if you lucky
*Work your day job 8 hours
*Spend several hours with your family doing whatever you have planned or unplanned.
So that leaves you about 4 hours of downtime.
But what should do with the time you have left?
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What works for me and for others:

*Couple hours a night I work on some aspect of my business. I use my kids chalk board where we keep track of daily 20 min reading and writing exercises with my daily night business routine.
*Or if you are like me about running errands, you can easily find yourself wasting 15 to 30 mins or even more driving around, sitting in the car doing absolutely nothing, or even at the serviceĀ dept.
So don’t make excuses why you don’t have time do work your business. There is time, you just have to management it better and take advantage of what time you have.
Ok I am still here at the service dept and hour later:
1. Oil Change done
2. Tail Light fixed
3. SerpentineĀ Belt replaced
And two coupons later, I saved about 25% off my bill.
So if you have some time, check out this limited time webinar replay to learn how you can leverage your time and others in your business.


Don Robinson

“Paving The Way For Your Success”

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