Do You Know What You Want?

By now, you should know that the only reason why you do not have what you want or you are not obtaining the success you would like is because you are thinking more about what you don’t want than what you do want!
We as humans like to come up with excuses for why we are not living a life of abundance. We may even blame others for our lack of success and this stems to all aspects of our lives. The truth is more close to home.
All right, so now we have an understanding of where we are in our lives and why!
How do I change it?
The following steps will help change your mindset, allowing you to become a co-creator with the universe allowing you to attract the life you really want!
Step 1ASK  
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will opened to you.” ~ Matt 7:7
This step is fairly easy for we “think” we know what we want but how clear andprecise is the vision of what we are asking for. In order to truly attract or achieve what you ask for, you have to ask specifically and clearly with emotion.
For example you may have prayed or asked for more money and then won $2 dollars in a scratch off. Well, you did receive more money but it probably was not exactly the amount you wanted.
By specifying an amount, choosing a date by which would like to receive it and maybe even adding how you plan to use your new found wealth will create a stronger visual and more precise picture in your mind that will send out a stronger vibration to the universe which will respond to that image.

Key: The possibilities are endless and only limited to what you can imagine and deem real!

“A belief is only a thought that you continue to think; and when your believes match your desires; then your desires must become reality” ~ Abraham Hicks
This step is the most challenging and where many fall short of receiving what they have asked for. You must have a 100% faith; believing wholeheartedly that what you asked for is going to happen. It must feel real to you in the now.
How would you feel if you received what you asked for? That is the feeling you MUSThave in this stage.
How would you act if you received what you asked for? That is how you must hold yourself up and act.
In the moment you ask, believe, and know you already have it in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen. The visuals you paint from asking, the more it will help you believe and have faith that it will come to pass during this step.
For example you may remember the famous holiday movie The Christmas Story. If not, the story is about a young boy named Ralphie who desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB rifle.
Ralphie first saw the BB rifle in the store and envisioned himself having it. Throughout the movie he kept building on that vision through his asking different people for it, his imagination of playing with the gun which strengthened his belief until ultimately he received it on Christmas day! Law Of Attraction at work!

Key(s): It must feel real and be believable to you! BE CAREFUL!

This can and will work in the negative for we have already established that we may not be living the lives that we want. Through our attention and dominant thoughts of images of what we don’t want, the universe responds by drawing the people, things, circumstances in your life to manifest this belief.
After asking and believing you will get it, you need to prepare yourself to receive it. Cast away all doubts by holding firm to that feeling of already having it.
That feeling becomes the dominant thought which brings what you want to you. Keep your eyes and hearts open. Your wish may come in a dream, or an idea or maybe even inspiration that you will have to act on.
Be cognitive of people you come in contact with as well for they may be bearing gifts!
Give gratitude or thanks for what receiving what you have asked for even before it has manifested itself. Why you ask?
Because it further shows that you KNOW you are going to receive it.
Imagine if your boss told you that you earned a $1000 bonus that you would be receiving on your next check. Although you did not have the money yet, you probably would have a feeling of joy and excitement knowing that you have an extra $1k.
You would be thankful before it even appeared in your bank.  That is being ready to receive; knowing it is coming and being grateful for the manifestation.
Now you have the tools to create the life you want to live. The life that you were made to live. By following these steps, abundant is exactly what you will be!
So what have we learned?
More to come soon,

Don Robinson


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